Please check the frequently asked questions below. You may also take a look at our knowledge base articles or submit a ticket from our support portal.

Can I get a notification when there is a sale for my product on Envato?


Yes! We have an internal notification system which notifies you when a sale is made. Also, you can control if you want to receive notifications when you receive a product comment or review, win a new badge or when your item is trending.

If you integrate your Slack account, you can also receive push notifications via your Slack account when you make a new sale.

Can I see how many licenses the ticket owner has?


Yes! When you visit the customer profile, you can see all the customer purchases and related license information.

Can I see if a specific customers support period is over?


Yes! In the ticket page, you can see whether the customer support period has ended or not. Also when you visit the customer profile, you can see all the customer purchases and related purchase data including the support period.

Can I limit who sees my pages or opens a ticket, depending on their purchase data or support period?


Yes! In our "Customer Permissions" page, you can select who can do what, whether to open a ticket, view forum threads or send replies to them, view articles or give feedback etc., depending on their status (public, logged in, purchased or supported).

Can I see if the ticket owner left a review on Envato?


Yes! Both on ticket pages and customer profile pages, you can see what review the customer has left for your product on Envato.

Can I use Helpviser for other marketplaces other than Envato?


Unfortunately, Helpviser is currently available only for Envato authors. We have specialized our service specific to Envato authors in order to give an all-in-one Envato Marketplace CRM experience. Also, you should login with Envato to our system in order to start using our service.

Can I see a detailed view of my sales within specific dates?


Yes! We have created a "Sales Report" page which makes it easy and effective to see the big picture or get into more detail for your sales. You can filter your sales within a specific date, product, marketplace or country. Also, you can view only your support sales or item sales.

If you integrate your Google Analytics account, with our "General Insights" tool, you can also compare your website or marketplace visits (or other GA metrics) with your earnings, number of sales, comments, tickets, refunds etc.

How many support agents can be added?


Helpviser does not limit the number of agents. You can create an unlimited number of agents to meet the needs of your team. You can also create different departments for your agents and edit the permissions of these departments.

Can I collect emails from my customers with an opt-in form?


Yes! During the signup process, customers are asked to opt-in to your mailing list to receive emails from you. If you integrate your Mailchimp account, the emails are automatically stored in your selected Mailchimp mailing list. They also have an option to opt-out anytime they want.

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